Yasuni: Two Seconds of Life

US Premiere - March 24th
 Washington DC- Don´t miss it!
  Sunday on March 13th @ Filmcasino in Vienna, Austria.
 Join us for a preview and discussion of the film with members of the film crew, the Embassador from Ecuador and  Ulrike Lunacek, Member of the European Parliament and the European Green Party.

  “Right now, this is an avant-garde project.

Ten years from now projects like this will be the rule, not the exception.”

- Maria Espinosa, Minister of Heritage

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Yasuní – two seconds of life is about Ecuador's President Rafael Correa's unique proposal to leave the oil found in Yasuní national park „in the ground“ and protect the rainforest. In return, the industrialized countries are expected to pay for the preservation of the planet's „green lungs“: in fact half of the price Ecuador would receive for the oil. This money will then be used to finance sustainable energy projects. Moreover, it will be used for the protection of the rainforest which holds the world's greatest bio-diversity as well as for the indigenous peoples living in the Yasuní area.


The documentary sheds light on this exceptional offer to the world community and lets every party involved have a say, be it politicians, scientists, representatives of oil companies or indigenous people. This extensive, partly disturbing picture is rounded out by a musical journey through Ecuador.

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