Ancient knowledge in modern times, illuminated through exhibitions, film, seminars, books, workshops, and rainforest healing products. We offer you a dynamic space to explore the treasures of the Amazon jungle and how it relates to you and the  world today. 


By embracing a multi-disciplinary approach we promote learning about Amazon culture through an integrated platform unifying artists, filmmakers, musicians, shamans, anthropologists, ethnobotanist, and all of the men, women & children of Amazonia. Seeking mutually beneficial partnerships with indigenous artists and communities, we offer a direct platform to access their knowledge through art.




We do not inherit

the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our Children.

  -Ancient Indian Proverb-

With a focus on materials, emphasising the relationship between culture and the environment, we offer workshops highlighting Amazonian sustainable objects. In a direct encounter with   indigenous items, this program aims is broaden awareness to the beauty of Amazonia, its' people, and sustainable rainforest products. Currently, this program is being offered in Austria to all ages to schools, groups and camps.


In addition, we create exhibitions and art installations using Amazon objects including Yanomami and Ye'kuana baskets, bows and arrows, Warao hammocks, Shipibo pottery, Piaroa masks, seed jewellery, instruments, shaman tools and many other rare items.




Visit our Rainforest Shop which works with many local communities from around the world giving value to traditional arts and crafts building long lasting economies. -CLOSED AT MOMENT DUE TO RELOCATION-